Arasu Rubber Corporation is a Government of Tamil Nadu Company functioning under the Department of Environment & Forests. The Company was registered on 20-8-1984. The objective of the Corporation is to provide employment to the locals of Kanyakumari District and adopting the repatriates from Sri Lanka. The Corporation is ISO 9001:2015 Certified. The main activity of the Corporation is to produce natural rubber and selling as raw rubber to the consumers after processing. The entire area of 3985.694 ha. is within Kanyakumri District as this is the only suitable district for the growth of rubber in the State. We are one of the major natural rubber producers in the country.

Main Objectives of the Corporation
  • To Safeguard the future of the Rubber Plantation industry
  • To Protect the interest of workers and increase employment opportunities , particularly for surplus Rubber Plantation Labourers
The Registered Office is functioning at Nagercoil, Kanyakumari District
  • The factory is at Keeriparai
  • We produce around 1500 tonnes of natural rubber per year including Cenex having ISI standard.
Division Headquarters Area (Ha.)
Keeriparai Keeriparai 792.30
Manalodai Perunchani 968.815
Chithar Chithar 1110.679
Kodayar Kodayar 1113.90